Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the OSAA current ruling regarding our State Solo Contest as received from our OMEA President, Christopher Silva:

Solo Music: (reprinted from the website)

The Committee believes that the OSAA should continue to sponsor the Solo Music State Championships. In order to address Its charge from the Executive Board, the committee is supporting the following changes to the event.

1.The maximum quantity of participants in the Solo Music State Championship will be reduced to approximately 375 to be selected at the discretion of the Solo Championships Director. (By comparison, there were 470 participants at the 2009 State Solo Contest.)

2.There shall be a minimum of five participants in a category in order for the category to be contested at the Solo Music State Championships.

Many thanks to all of the music educators who took the time and made the effort to send in their written testimony and appear before the committee. Special thanks, please forgive me if I've left someone out, to Chuck Bolton, James Taylor, Karl Raschkes, Todd Zimbelman, Rob McGlothin and Mike Oft for their impassioned testimony.

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